Cartel Regulation 2018 - Getting the Deal Through

Mario Strebel and Christophe Rapin are the authors of the Switzerland chapter in the 18th edition of Getting the Deal Through – Cartel Regulation, published by Law Business Research Ltd, London, with A Neil Campbell as contributing editor.

This 18th edition of Cartel Regulation provides the most current and comprehensive information available about anti-cartel laws and enforcement around the world. It addresses the most important issues practitioners face to mitigate the fines imposed on clients under the scrutiny of antitrust authorities. Expert local insight into cartel regulation worldwide, covering crucial questions such as: relevant legislation and substantive law, industry-specific offences and defences, steps in an investigation, investigative powers, international cooperation, interplay between jurisdictions, adjudication, appeal process, criminal, civil and administrative sanctions, private damage claims and class actions, recent penalties, sentencing guidelines, leniency and immunity programmes, defending a case and getting the fine down.

You can download the Switzerland chapter of Getting the Deal Through – Cartel Regulation here.

The 18th edition of Getting the Deal Through – Cartel Regulation can be accessed or ordered through the publisher’s Website.