Certificate requirement at the workplace?

As of 13 September 2021, employers are entitled to examine whether their employees hold a Covid certificate. What employers have to consider when introducing such a certificate requirement verification and which measures must be implemented precisely, is explained in our post.


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quotas de femme dans l'exploitation de matières premières

Corporate law reform: Federal Council sets date of entry into force of the regulations on gender quota guidelines and transparency rules for companies that are active in the exploitation of commodities

After the passing of the Corporate Law Reform, the dates of entry into force are now known for specific parts of the new legislation. This concerns the regulations on gender quota guidelines for the board of directors and executive management as well as the transparency rules for companies that are active in the exploitation of commodities. Due to the different transitional provisions, the latt…

How Foreigners May Be Affected by the Upcoming Vote on the Initiative “For Moderate Immigration (Limitation Initiative)”

Whether you are reading up on this topic as a business owner, a foreign resident of Switzerland, or simply out of a personal interest, read on to learn the basics of what this initiative is about and what its legal effects would be if passed on 27 September 2020.

In order to facilitate a basic understanding of the initiative “for moderate immigration (limitation initiative)”, we have compiled …

COVID-19: First Relaxations, Then an Increase in the Number of Infections – a Challenge for Employers

Due to the declining number of new infections, the Federal Council has largely relaxed its measures. On 22 June 2020, the Federal Council repealed the COVID-19 Ordinance 2 which contained, among other things, obligations of employers with regards to the coronavirus.

In the meantime, most businesses have resumed their operations and employees have largely returned to their workplaces. However, …


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Much is still unclear in relation to liability questions around AI tools.

Read our latest post about “Liability during the Lifecycle of an AI Tool” and download our white paper.


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