Drone Update Regulierung

Eyes in the Sky II – Update on Drone Regulation

The Swiss drone ecosystem is flourishing. The growing number of drones however increasingly raises security issues. The regulators in Switzerland as well as in the EU acknowledge the massive potential of the drone economy and are working to build a wider regulatory framework to keep drone operations safe and secure. Therefore, there is quite some movement in the legislative process. This post g…


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Swissness-Update: Revised Ordinance on the Use of “Swissness”-Claims for Watches approved

As part of the “Swissness” legislation (see our summary of the Swissness-Rules in BR-News of 16 February 2016) the Swiss Government has approved on 17 June 2016 the revised Ordinance on the Use of “Swissness”-Claims for Watches. The revised Ordinance will enter into force on 1 January 2017.
The Swissness-Legislation
The revised Ordinance on the Use of “Swissness”-Claims for Watches is part of a…

Drone Regulatory Regulierung

Eyes in the Sky I : Regulatory Framework for operation of Drones in Switzerland

Drone Technology opens new business opportunities
For some time now, drones – or more technically speaking “Unmanned Aviation Vehicles (UAVs)” or “Remotely Piloted Aviation Systems (RPAS)” – are making the headlines. The term “drone” is used for aircrafts that are remotely piloted or autonomously navigated without a human pilot on board of the aircraft. It includes various types of unmanned…


Update to the Swissness Regulation: „Wo Schweiz drauf steht, muss auch Schweiz drin sein“

The Swissness regulations, including the execution ordinances adopted in September 2015, will come into force on 1 January 2017. Now, one year prior to that date, we want to take the opportunity to summarize the most important Swissness rules again. As mentioned in the title, the Swissness regulation requires that a product, which is promoted as made in Switzerland, must include a lot of Swissnes…

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Much is still unclear in relation to liability questions around AI tools.

Read our latest post about “Liability during the Lifecycle of an AI Tool” and download our white paper.

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Litigation Circle
Datum: Freitag, 3. Dezember 2021
Zeit: 12.15 Uhr – 13.45 Uhr (ein kleiner Business Lunch wird offeriert)
Thema: Mängelrügen im Kauf- und Werkvertragsrecht: Wie Sie den Spiessrutenlauf effektiv meistern.
Wo: MLL, Schiffbaustrasse 2, 8005 Zürich

Im Kauf- und Werkvertrag sind Mängel ärgerlich. Fatal ist, wenn man nicht richtig reagiert und die oft sehr kurz bemessenen Fristen verpasst. Wir zeigen auf, worauf zu achten ist und wie man sich richtig wehrt.

Was ist der Litigation Circle? Der Litigation Circle wurde geschaffen, um Unternehmern, Führungskräften und KMUs aufzuzeigen, wie man sich in gewissen Situationen verhalten soll und wann es sich lohnt, einen Anwalt beizuziehen. Am runden Tisch geben wir Ihnen anhand von praktischen Beispielen Tipps und Tricks im Zusammenhang mit Rechtsstreitigkeiten.

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