Dominance 2018 - Getting the Deal Through

Mario Strebel, Christophe Rapin, Renato Bucher and Jacques Johner are the authors of the Switzerland chapter in Getting the Deal Through – Dominance 2018, published by Law Business Research Ltd, London, with Patrick Bock, Kenneth Reinker and David R Little as contributing editors.

The recent edition of Getting the Deal Through – Dominance covers the most significant developments in 36 jurisdictions around the world and is designed to provide in-house counsel, government agencies and private practice lawyers with a practical insight into the most relevant questions on dominance and market power. It provides expert local insight in jurisdictions worldwide, covering: applicable legislation, sector-specific controls, scope of application and public entities, market definition and thresholds, collective dominance and dominant purchasers, exploitative and exclusionary practices, links between dominance and abuse, defences, specific forms of abuse, enforcement authorities, sanctions and remedies, private enforcement and damages.

You can download the Switzerland chapter of Getting the Deal Through – Dominance 2018 here.

The full edition of Getting the Deal Through – Dominance 2018 can be accessed or ordered through the publisher’s Website.