EVENT: February 8th, 2018 - "From FINTECH to TECHFIN"

On Thursday 8th February 2018 the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce will hold an event entitled „From FINTECH to TECHFIN“ in Zurich, organized and moderated by Reinhard Oertli with Karin Oberlin on the panel. 

Fintech carries the potential to disrupt traditional transaction processes by replacing and rerouting conventional communication lines. Techfin helps existing industry players to improve their performance, also through the collection and use of personal data.

How will Fintech and Techfin be implemented in the existing legal framework regulating the financial market? Will the necessary technologies be patented, or fully disclosed (open source)? Will this be the end of data protection as we know it or its new beginning?

These are just some of the business and legal questions that the panelists – including representatives of MLL, Lykke Exchange, P&TS Patent Attorneys, and UBS AG – will discuss.

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