Swiss legal documents in French now available online

Leading law firm Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Ltd. (MLL) adds French templates to its library of automated legal documents on the PartnerVine platform.

Zurich, January 14, 2018 – Companies that require Swiss law documents in French can now find a selection of frequently used Swiss corporate legal templates in French on the PartnerVine website. Based on the latest in LegalTech, corporate counsel can obtain many of the legal documents they require without having to contact a lawyer. MLL offers about 40 such templates in French, English and German that have been prepared by the firm’s industry-leading specialists, with the promise of high quality and up to date content.

French language corporate law and M&A documents for legal counsel
A set of standard law documents can be personalized and downloaded at a fixed price from the PartnerVine website, offering in-house teams transparency and control over their costs. MLL’s French language legal documents available to date are:

Fusion mère-filiale (Package)
Fusion de sociétés sœurs (Package)
Certificat d’actions nominatives
Certificat d’actions au porteur
Transfert des actions (cession)
Déclaration de démission membre du conseil d’administration
Contrat de fusion (fusion mère-filiale) 
Réquisition d’inscription RC société absorbante (fusion mère-filiale)
Réquisition d’inscription RC société transférante (fusion mère-filiale)
Décision conseil d’administration société absorbante concernant approbation fusion simplifiée
Décision conseil d’administration société transférante concernant approbation fusion simplifiée
Contrat de fusion (fusion de sociétés sœurs)
Réquisition d’inscription RC société absorbante (fusion de sociétés sœurs)
Réquisition d’inscription RC société transférante (fusion de sociétés sœurs)

MLL’s automated legal documents in French on the PartnerVine website not only offer the whole set of documents in French but also provide the user interface in French, including the instructions to fill out the templates as well as a tips accompanying the user for each step of the automated document assembly. The latest documents added are the intra-group merger packages. These enable users to fill in one questionnaire and the software automatically generates the merger agreement, the required applications to the commercial register as well as the board resolutions of the involved companies.

More templates announced
MLL currently offers more than 40 general corporate law documents as well as M&A and restructuring law documents to the public via the PartnerVine platform in English, French and German. The firm will continue adding new templates in all three languages over the coming weeks and month, in particular documents in the fields of ICT and e-commerce.

About Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Ltd. (MLL)
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