LexCast: Liquidity Options for Shareholders of Start-ups and Family Businesses

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If you have missed our event on shareholder exit and liquidity events on 27 February 2020, check out our latest LexCast on which Leti McManus (Tiger Link Advisors), Vincenzo Braiotta (Grant Thornton) and Benjamin Dürig (Froriep) agreed to share their main takeaways from the event. The podcast is moderated by Cornelia Mattig.

The event aimed to make the audience understand options for shareholder exits and liquidity events from two perspectives of the corporate lifecycle of a company, namely from a start-up and a traditional family business perspective. In this context, the speakers discussed the potential pitfalls of share purchase agreements from a seller perspective, the complexity of finding a suitable transaction set-up pleasing various stakeholders and the possibility of listing a company on a liquidity platform or an actual stock exchange.

Find out in this episode of LexCast what the key takeaways were and what you may have missed.

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